Southwest Airlines, Inc., is among the significant airlines operating in the Southwest States. They are a subsidiary component of AMR Corporation. Initially, the headquarter was situated in the region of Murray Hill, of Midtown Manhattan. Later, it was changed to Fort Worth in Texas. Gerard Arpey was the CEO and Chairman of the Business, who was later replaced by the president of the Business, Thomas W. Horton. They emerged after unification of eighty two smaller airways, which have been acquired in .

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I flew from DFW last night on my last leg to Columbus, Ohio. Before I left DFW I had been appalled at the tone your employees were taking with people asking questions and your flying public as well as a few of those people flying with the disabled. On a further note when I arrived at Columbus my checked luggage came from the conveyor belt in pieces, the duffle bag and the handle that is used to pull on it with. As soon as I called attention to this your employee at after pmtold me that Southwest Airlines does not take any responsibility for damage to luggage. As soon as I got home to Athens, Ohio today I began making calls. I had been told I need to take the bag back into the Airport to submit a claim. That is a two hour drive in crappy traffic and I must not be required to make that trip. Your employee should have taken my report right then and there. I will certainly expect that your creative management will find a way to reimburse me for pieces of luggage that are now utterly useless to me, without me having to travel miles as your employee on the night of August th didn’t even know what the hell she was performing!! Shelley Baldwin New Marshfield, Ohio .

At least Sydney, you were able to get through to them. I have been attempting to get a response for the last month regarding my complaint. I have posted complaints on the web site and have not received a phone call or correspondence. I recently sent letters to the Airline with copies of all my tickets/receipts etc.. That was weeks ago and still no reply. I am truly dissapointed in this airline. One would think that they would care about passengers complaints and attempt to rectify the issue, rather than dismissing it. I will not give up until I am completely reimburst plus for the fiasco of trying to get to San Diego to visit my daughter. They said my first flight was canceled and known at PM the day before I was to depart. Only to find out that it was not cancelled I had been bumped from the flight. So booked a flight for the following morning, made it as far as Chicago after being told that my connecting flight would be there from the attendant, it wasn’t. Only to acquire anothter flight after delays was canceled and I had been told they had no more flights going to San Diego. Well, guess where I ended up. In LAX, just another hours later I get on a puddle jumper into San Diego. To recap, I had been to leave on May at PM, eventually arrived in SanDiego on May at PM. That is hours. Unacceptable and to attempt and obtain a response from anybody, IMPOSSIBLE. The kicker is on my return flight they started to play the exact same game with me. That didn’t occur.